Through large scale abstract painting, I aim to connect ancient art practices to our changing geographical landscapes in order to address our collective histories, mutual fragility, and mortality with other living beings and the Earth. As a way to continue this conversation I draw from elements of ecology, palaeontology, politics, and earth-based spirituality.

My paintings are concerned with the codependency of all living things. Through alchemic methods I discover how materials interact and function together. I gather specific materials for their physical properties and their symbolic relevance to extract their pigments. I adopt printmaking techniques and fibre art processes to create repeating imprints of colour and form, using pigments derived from insects, rusted metals, plant and vegetable matter. These imprints inform and direct how each composition is finalized using beeswax, oil paint, and raw pigments.

My system for creating paintings as ritual is codependent with time. Beginning outdoors, I grow and gather raw materials; earth sediments, plants, and flowers. In the studio, I use my hands to work with the materials in order to gain an intimate understanding of them and my function within local ecosystems. I use my physical body, in particular my hands to apply these materials onto canvas. This awareness of time is key to my ritual: Each step of my painting process is an exercise in patience and intention that leads towards insights on how I may move through the world.